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Excellent experience and great prices.  Explained everything and helped me determine the best power back-up system.  So worth it to go with them.

John C. - Los Angeles, CA

Back-Up Power Solutions


Whether it is heavy rain storms, wind storms, fires or heat waves, power outages have become more common in California.  At Green Conception, we have several different solutions available to keep your power on during any situation. These solutions include back-up generators, solar battery backup systems, and combination battery & generator systems.


The power backup system required will vary depending on the electrical needs for a home or business.  If the power day-to-day needs are low, then a solar panel system supported with a battery power backup will be sufficient.  But if the day-to-day needs are high (with air conditioning, refrigeration, medical equipment, etc.), then a power generator is an important option to consider.  


We at Green Conception are experts in helping you determine the right backup system that will fit your needs.  We have designed and built multiple systems for our clients that have successfully addressed power outage challenges.

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