Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging Stations


The future of transportation is clearly electric vehicles (EVs). Driving an EV is far more cost-effective, safer and environmentally advantageous than driving a gas-powered car. 


While installing your solar system, GC Solar can install a level-2 charging plug at your home as well as install any EV charging station that you prefer. 


We currently recommend the 220 Volt EV Charger by JuiceBox:


Up to 13x Faster Charge

With 240-volt Level 2 charging, spend less time waiting for your electric vehicle battery to charge and more time enjoying the drive

Easy to Use and Install

Quick-release mounting bracket and integrated cable management make set up and daily charging a breeze

Intelligent WiFi Control

Control and monitor your electric charging via smartphone app, Amazon Alexa, and Google Home

Convenient and Stylish Design

Dynamic LEDs show charging status