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Nick Keshishyan


Nick is the CEO and co-founder of Green Conception, Inc. He brings a simple philosophy to business planning and management: high-value service with transparent pricing. Nick has 15+ years of experience in the industry. His expertise is fueled by his passion for solar installation and construction. Nick thrives on the challenges that every project brings and strives to have installations deliver more than what the customer expects.


Greg Harman

Greg has over 30 years of experience running and creating a cohesive bridge between technology, operations, customer service, and product management teams, primarily in the financial technology industry.  He brings this skillset to Green Conception, helping to create a solid foundation for future growth while maintaining excellent quality and customer service.

Jose Villalvazo

Director of Operations

Jose has over 20+ years experience in the solar and battery storage industry. A graduate in engineering from California State University Northridge, he makes sure every project is designed, permitted, installed and monitored correctly. Jose excels at troubleshooting as well as finding creative solutions to installation challenges.

Artin Mansouri

Director of Sales

Artin has over 15+ years of experience in Sales and Management. His logical and critical thinking helps him make the best decisions in helping our team succeed. His number one goal is customer satisfaction and educating his team on the solar industry so we can exceed expectations.

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