Nick Keshishyan

Operation Manager

Nick is the operation manager and co-founder of Green Conception, Inc. He brings a simple philosophy to business planning and management: high-value service with transparent pricing. Nick has 13+ years experience in the industry. His expertise is fueled by his passion for solar installation and construction. Nick thrives on the challenges that every project brings and strives to have installations deliver more than what the customer expects.

Jose Villalvazo

Assistant Operation Manager

Jose has over 20+ years in the battery storage and solar industry. A graduate in engineering from California State University Northridge, he makes sure every project is designed, permitted, installed and monitored correctly. Jose excels at troubleshooting as well as finding creative solutions to installation challenges.

Sarkis Badaliants

Senior Sales Manager

Sarkis has been in the service industry for the past 23 years and most of that has been in Sales Management helping client families reach their financial and investment goals. He has been responsible in increasing company revenue, creating a large footprint of company presence, working with local and national businesses, hiring and building teams of highly successful sales professionals. Sarkis strongly believes that all clients are the blood of the business and that they are vital for the companies success.

Peter Zarok

Marketing Manager

Peter has been in the marketing field for over 20 + years. He has extensive experience in tackling challenging environments in high growth industry. He brings a passionate and straight-forward approach to reaching our clientele in a optimized manner. Peter has been one of our team members since the establishment of Green Conception in 2011.