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 Hey, we're
Green Conception. 


A leading green-minded construction company that helps property owners complete their projects on time and within budget with an emphasis on solar and roofing.

Our team and reviews speak to our commitment to high-value installations, fair pricing, and excellent customer service. We provide the highest quality cost-effective renewable energy power products and services to our customers interested in reducing energy costs and carbon footprint.


Our values include Ethics and Integrity for accountability, honesty, and openness in every aspect of our business by providing a world-class customer experience through a reliable sales process and a speedy, high-quality installation, as solar is not a's a service.

Our Approach 

Proprietary Sales System

We trademarked, No Reps. No Commission. Better Prices., and built an entire software eco-system to go with our business model.      

Obsessed with Progression

We believe hold-out testing is crucial to understanding the impact of your marginal dollar investment.

Salaried Sales Coordinator. No commission!

Talk to one of our team members, and you'd find out that we don't sell you anything. No need for high-pressure sales tactics, intrusive home visits, or price haggling.

Why Choose Us? 

12+ Years in Business

Our Team has the skills and expertise to install the most complex solar systems.

Transparent Pricing

Tailored Systems sized for your property with transparent itemized pricing.

25-Year All-Inclusive Warranty

It covers roofing, panels, inverter & monitoring.

Lifetime Warranty for Orginal System Owner

Its covers working solar systems for the original owner. The most system we install will last over 30+ years. 

25+ Years of Roofing Experience

Our roofing team is professionally trained to handle solar and roofing as a combined installation which in turn gives the consumer our 25 Year guarantee on all roofing penetrations.  

Custom Designed Online Quotes

We are experts in designing the right energy system for your home that will meet your present and future needs. There is no reason to buy overpriced panels that fit into a company’s generic system size. 

Panel-Level Monitoring & Production

One inverter under every single solar panel converts DC to AC. It's the safest and most reliable method to convert solar energy.

Full Turn-Key Service

We are a full-service solar contractor, which means we handle solar (PV) panel installation and everything related: to re-roofing, an electrical main panel upgrade, required permits, battery back-up, EV (electric car) chargers, equipment monitoring, and solar system maintenance.

Financing Available for $0 Down Investment

We consider solar an investment, and we help homeowners maximize their Return on Investment (ROI), whether by purchasing the system upfront or by financing with the best rate and terms available in the market.

Trusted by the best.

Reviewed by all.

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